Taking Your First Shot: A Womans Introduction to Defensive Shooting and Personal Safety

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The course is a total of 16 hours over two days or over four evenings. And, an 1 day credit is given if you have taken the NRA Basic Pistol course or if you are active duty military or honorably discharged.

go By the end of the day you might just know more, and be a better shot than your husband or boyfriend. No former experience required, ammunition and firearms are provided for this class. We will provide all firearm and other equipment for the course. Absolutely no firearms or ammunition will be allowed in the classroom.

Introduction to Shooting Range Safety and Etiquette - Firearm Safety

Students will provide their own safe firearm appropriate for competition and safe holster for their model pistol, as well as a 3 to 5 extra magazines and mag pouches. We can get you everything you need for the class and for competition. No firearms ammunition needed for the classroom portion, but for the range portion we suggest to rounds of ammunition. We ask that you purchase ammo at the range. Due to safety concerns and competition rules, shoulder holsters, inside the waistband, and small of the back holsters will not be permitted.

This class will qualify you to draw from holster, when shooting by yourself on the private lanes or on special times under supervision. This class will not only bring this important conversation to the table, but give every household simple and practical tools in keeping children safe.

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This three hour youth class will teach students ages how to respect, safely handle and shoot a gun. The classroom portion will cover the four safety rules of handling a gun, the mechanics of semi-automatic pistols and the fundamentals of shooting stance, grip, sighting, and trigger control with training guns — all in a safe, controlled environment.

The range portion will give students the opportunity to practice those skills, and build their confidence, with live fire shooting, using. This class is a great way to introduce your children to firearms. This class will pick up where the Youth Intro to Handguns left off. There will be a review of safe gun handling and range safety.

This class will involve more range time than the Youth Introduction to Handguns class since we will be working on actual shooting skills. We will also attempt to determine eye dominance. We will be using the.

Take your first shots at Davenport Guns!

The class is limited to eight students. Range fee, use of handgun and ammunition included. In Home Defense training you will learn a variety of techniques necessary to safely operate in a defensive situation inside the home. These skills will include shooting on the move techniques, low light shooting, malfunction clearing, and other essential skills. After this class, you will have the knowledge to create a safe plan for your home and how to remain focused on your surroundings when out in public.

MFL 4 hour training Certificate will be issued upon Course Completion There is 2 hours of live-fire on the range in this class. Both classroom and range time will educate and challenge a students understanding of the physical and legal dynamics that may be critical to a citizen's exercising their lawful use of a firearm in self-defense.

This 4 hour clinic is all range time, where our time is spent building skills with the student's handgun. This clinic covers firearm safety, critiquing the fundamentals, drawing from a holster, reloading, malfunction-clearing and engaging reactive targets. This 4 hour clinic adds to the skill set of the PHC and adds stress-management to the process of using your firearm safely, responsibly and effectively. This 4 hour clinic is all range time working with your tactical rifle for realistic urban environment.

We will cover sight adjustment, calculating, offset, safety administration, moving and shooting, team tactics and communication. Optics and slings recommended but not required. Open to All: New shooters starting out have four options. Students, upon passing the qualifier, will receive a completed Firearms Proficiency Certification Form. They must also pass the State Firearms Proficiency live fire test. Confirm with the Instructor as to your eligibility. These drills sharpen the skills advance level students need to maintain. This 4 Hour class deals solely with the armed citizen caught in an Active Shooter situation.

This class cover the dynamics and options for those armed individuals who find themselves in a position of possibly helping to protect innocent lives. Tactics and strategies that one could deploy are covered as well as range drills that test the individuals skills and judgement. This is a free 1 to 2 Hour seminar that is offered to Houses of Worship.

The Seminar covers how to setup a security team and the roles and responsibilities involved having a proactive response to the increase threats against a religious institution. The Seminar will be held at MFL or on site for local sites. Skip to main content. Instructor: Melissa Wright. Instructor: Ann Burke. Instructor: Sue Wilson.

Instructor: Kelly Brown. Instructor: Waleska Wechsler. Instructor: Karen Schrader. Instructor: Jenni OQuinn. Instructor: Libby young. Instructor: Cherie Sintes-Glover. Instructor: Jennifer Smith. Instructor: Erika Friend. Instructor: Char Lynn-Schroeder. Instructor: Kim Caldwell.

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Instructor: Ginger Danner-Duncan. Instructor: Christine Fertl. Instructor: Lynda Wilson. Instructor: Brittany Engels. Instructor: Diane Henderson. Email: Diane americanfreedomfirearmstraining. Instructor: Connie Peterson. Instructor: Jessica Braun. Instructor: Georgia Taje. Instructor: Kendall VonFeldt. Instructor: Cheryl Dobler. Instructor: Beth Saltzman.